Robocup Latin American Open 2007 - Soccer Simulation


Robocup 3D simulation League


The simulation league in 3D is based on a model where the agents (players) are represented as humanoids taking the Hoap 2 robot as model. The physics plays a great role inside the software of this league in order to have a real soccer and robot scenario.

This league is favorable to apply many branches of the science. Among those are robotics, artificial intelligence and mechanics.

Each agent has 20 joints, which it has to learn how to dominate with the purpose of develop the most basic abilities as walking, kicking the ball, getting up, etc. To carry out this arduous task the agent has efectores to control the rate in the joints.

All the communication between the server and the agent is due to text messages.


We will have a league in Soccer Simulation 3D which runs in a Linux platform. This server was changed from the "spheres simulation" to the simulation of humanoid robots this year in RoboCup Atlanta 2007. So, we are going to use this new server for our 3rd RoboCup Latin American Open 2007.

For more details see the Pre-Registration section.

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